• Affordability

    We ensure that we understand our client’s requirement clearly, and aim to provide the most accurate and cost effective scaffolding solution without unnecessary gold plating, so as to achieve significant cost savings.

  • Service Quality

    We understand clearly that, the scaffold is the construction workers’ safety platform. A safe, stable and good quality scaffold will greatly increase the productivity of the workers. As such, we will never sacrifice the trust of our client by providing careless solution or try to cut cost where safety matters.

  • Attention to Detail

    We have a team of qualified, skilled workers with professional certifications recognised by the government. Our years of working experience has enabled us to clearly understand the dangers of working in high areas.

  • Safety Reliability

    We are not only concerned about the safety of our workers, but also the need to ensure the scaffold is completely safe for use as well as for the public, throughout the construction period. It is our basic responsibility to be seriously careful and meticulous about every detail related to safety measures, with the aim to reduce the risk of working at high areas to the minimum.

Areas of Service

  • HongKong
  • Kowloon
  • New Territories


  • Ladder Scaffold

    (provide required scaffolding services for the replacement, installation or maintenance of plumbing, gas pipes and various types of pipes).

  • Maintenance of Double Scaffolding

    (provide required scaffolding services for grey water, paint, waterproofing, refurbishment of village houses/buildings).

  • Hanging Scaffold

    (installation or maintenance of aluminum windows, split machines, hoses, and various types of pipes, and construction and demolition projects provide the necessary scaffolding services).

  • Indoor and outdoor ceiling shelving/bamboo scaffolding

    (providing necessary scaffolding services for maintenance of fire hose, ceilings, ducts, etc.)

  • Signboard Scaffolding/Bamboo Scaffolding

    (for Qingshen Signboard Project Shedging Service)

  • Facade shelving/bamboo scaffolding

    (for the signage of the Qing dynasty or scaffolding service for the air-conditioning and shelter project)

  • Demolition of scaffolds/bamboo scaffolding

    (for demolition works scaffolding services).

  • Bamboo Scaffolding, Metal Scaffolding, Hybrid Scaffolding

    (Other than the above, we also undertake and welcome any inquiry many kinds of scaffolds such as Bamboo Shed, Metal Shed, Hybrid Shed Engineering.)


  • 1. Describe the Requirement

    Client may call our business hotline@ 5588 0088 or use WHATSAPP to initiate the request for quote.

  • 2.Preliminary Quote

    The company will formulate a scaffolding program for free according to the customer's engineering needs and provide an estimated, preliminary quotation.

  • 3.Implementation Plan

    The customer implements the plan and sets the date and time for the us to start the installation of scaffolding.

  • 4.Construct Scaffolding

    Our assigned installation team will arrive at the work site on the scheduled start date and complete the scaffolding on time.

  • 5.Client Project Completion

    The customer uses our scaffold to complete the construction project safely and effectively.

  • 6.Coordinate Dismantling

    The customer informs the company that the construction is completed, and makes an appointment for the date and time for the removal of the scaffold.

  • 7.Perform Dismantling

    The company returns to the work site to remove the scaffolding.

  • 8.Completion

    The project is completed successfully.


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